From House to Home

After 24 years of calling Naperville home, the Borgetti family is preparing for our move to Lake County. Our home goes on the market shortly. Our realtor asked us to come up with the top reasons why 555 Stanhope Court is such a wonderful house. This became a very emotional exercise. I sobbed my way through every reason. I have a ways to go, but here’s my first swing.

IMG_4082#5 From an Address to an Assurance  – Our address is located on a cul-des-sac. There is just something about living on a cul-de-sac that cannot be beat. It’s just safe. Whether it was the summer block parties or teaching my children how to ride their bikes, there was always an assurance you were safe on a cul-des-sac.

IMG_4080#4 From a Windows to Wonder – For 24 years, every morning when I get up I have this ritual. I go to the window next to our bed and look out over my backyard. This yard has blessed me and reminded me that all God has created is good. Whether it’s the branches covered in snow, the scent of spring Lilies of the Valley, the green summer lawn, or the fall colors, this backyard has always been a wonder to behold.



IMG_4083#3 From Experiments to Experiences – When my children were little we purchased a “butterfly kit” online. This was a “grow your own butterfly” experiment. After a few weeks, we released 4-5 Painted Lady Butterflies from our deck. Even though we release them over 15 years ago, every summer since then, whenever we eat dinner on the deck, a few Painted Lady Butterflies show up on the flagstone patio. And, if you are patient enough, you can stand on the patio with your arms outstretched and your palms turned upward and experience what it’s like having a butterfly land on you.

IMG_4081#2 From Neighbors to Friends – For 24 years we have lived next door to the Meyer’s. The best way to describe our friendship is “refrigerator rights.” Which simply means, if you need it, and your neighbor has it, come and get it. Whether it’s some recipe ingredient or a leaf blower or the need for an extra oven, the Meyer’s are the #1 reason for living at 555 Stanhope Court.  We have shared many joys and sorrows. And we promise to return every Thanksgiving weekend to cut down Christmas trees, eat their food, drink their beer, and fall asleep on their floor watching movies.We love them and will miss them and we will return. They started off as neighbors and have become lifelong friends.

Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 10.28.17 AM#1 From House to Homes – I remember the day we looked at 555 Stanhope Court. It had all the buzzwords I needed to hear. Two and a half baths, fenced in yard, four bedrooms, a block from a grade school. I was tired of looking at houses so I relented and agreed to put in a bid. After 24 years of living at 555 Stanhope Court, the house we purchased has turned into a home we live in. And it will be hard to leave this home. And yet within scripture I find hope and courage to move forward to our next potential home.

Proverbs 24:3-4  By wisdom a house is built, and by understanding it is established; by knowledge the rooms are filled with all precious and pleasant riches.

Our home has been filled with the precious and pleasant riches of memories. And as hard as it may be at times, I find great hope in knowing that God will use 555 Stanhope Court to bless the next family, that moves into this house but discovers a home.






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  1. Dawn Anderson says:

    Mark – Your comments warmed my heart. We have been through this experience twice, and how fondly I remember the things that happened in each house that made them a “home.” Being gone 20+ years from Glenview, we still regularly see dear friends who we met on our block. Thanks for so beautifully putting into words what makes a house a home.
    Warmest wishes, Dawn

  2. Williamdoro says:

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