Everything Must Change

Everythingmustchange As part of my preparation for this trip, I have been reading Brian Mcalaren’s book, "Everything Must Change." The tag line says it all … "Jesus, Global Crisis, and a Revolution of Hope." In his book, Brian asks what I believe to be the most important question facing our generation, "What are the biggest problems in the world today and what do the life and teachings of Jesus have to say about these global problems?" As we enter this new chapter of Missions at Our Saviour’s, I personally (and I hope others will join me) have to keep that question fresh in our mind; asking it often. Because I believe (and you’ve probably heard me say it hundreds of time), that the kingdom of God Jesus taught about is really all about "up there coming down here." As Mclaren puts it, "[The Kingdom of God] was not focused on how to escape this world and it’s problems by going to heaven after death, but instead was focused on how God’s will could be done on earth, in history, during this life … God’s dreams coming true for this earth, God’s justice and peace replacing earth’s injustice and disharmony." And if this is true … if the stuff Jesus taught was meant to take place here and now (on earth) and not just there and then (in heaven) … then I believe Brian is right … everything must change … especially how we as Christians look at our place and our role in this world. It’s all about us helping to bring "up there down here" … "thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as in heaven."

Packing update … thank God for Bill and putting up with my phone calls from Kohls at 9:00 pm on Monday; helping me figure out what I actually needed to wear on this trip and when I needed to wear it! Johannesburg: Shorts … Mozambique: Long  Pants (PROBABLY BECAUSE OF THE SNAKES!)

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  1. Kathie says:

    Take it from a seasoned traveler: Kathie’s top ten rules for travel
    1: pack ONE suitcase (I got by with my roll-aboard, but you’re bigger than me) with what you think you need.
    2: take out 1/3 of it. Check: will suitcase close?
    3: in your case, scrap my rule of only one pair of shoes per week (YES, I AM FEMALE!!!) I think you’ll need a pair of high-top boots. Let Bill be the authority on that, depending on what you will be doing.
    4: take an extra deodorant.
    5: look for double duty stuff: a t-shirt worn under a collared shirt gives you an extra day with a collared shirt, assuming you don’t sweat like a pig. (Yeah, that was problem for me, too.)
    6: take knitting.
    7: scrap 6, you don’t knit.
    8: take books, but PAPERBACK. Leave them in the seat pocket for the next traveler. Some of my best reads were left by the prior occupant. Leave a note in there, make the next guy’s day. Buy more in the airport. Don’t buy any books about gremlins on airplane wings.
    9: empty more stuff out of the suitcase so you can lift it easily; leave lots of room for the patience you’ll need.
    10: Pack more underwear. Trust me, you’ll need it.
    11: (remember, 6 and 7 don’t count!) USE ALL SPACE: Roll the underwear and stuff it into shoes. Who cares if it’s crumpled? No one is (I hope) going to look at you in your underwear (unless you want to impress Bill). Cram socks into corners.
    12. Take ziplock bags. Stuff dirty laundry into them. Sit on them to press out all the air. You’d be surprised how much less room that takes, leaving room for treasures. Also, Caryn might appreciate it for laundry purposes.
    13: BONUS hint: don’t mess with the TSA. Just do what they say. Pack that carry-on Ziplock bag with drugs and personal care items of less than 2.5 ounces. And if you are wanded, just volunteer if you are wearing an underwire bra…they’ll find out anyway. Been there. Done that.

  2. Charlie S. says:

    Snakes 101
    1. Snakes in a sense are like people; if you don’t step on them, they don’t get upset.
    2. Some will open there mouth with really nothing to say.
    3. Often it’s best to walk the other way.

  3. Christine says:

    Pr. Mark – you don’t know me, but my mom forwarded this to me (she goes to one of the campuses there). I did some work in South Africa last January and I think she thought I might enjoy your blog – which is true. But – I also wanted to repsond to the Brian Mclaren piece…I am attending his conference here in the DC area in March. I am looking forward to the discussion concerning the ‘hows’ of change and relevancy and the cries of creation.

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