Canned Cranberries …


For some reason, Holy Week’s Thursday Service (aka Maundy Thursday) is always treated like the canned cranberries on the Thanksgiving menu. Churches always offer it, but few want it. Last night I participated in my own church’s Maundy Thursday rehearsal and again was reminded that EACH day of Holy Week is an entree best experienced with all the Holy Week entrees.  So to any and all who are reading these words. Come! Come and experience this feast of grace we call Holy Week. And start with one of the first courses … Maundy Thursday.

If you live near Gurnee, come and visit us at 749 S Hunt Club Road, Gurnee, IL (less than a mile north of Route 120/Belvedere Rd.

  • Maundy Thursday 7pm
  • Good Friday 7pm
  • Easter Sunday 7:30, 9, and 10:30am

Grace and Peace


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  1. Mary Fisk says:

    Ill be savouring “cranberries” at HTLC in Glenview.
    Blessings to you and yours

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