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In the Word – The Adventure Begins

Who in their right mind travels with babies 16 hours in the car? My daughters were 6 months old and we decided for Spring Break we would drive to Gulf Shores, Florida. 16 hours of country music all the way to … Continue reading

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Squirrel! Reflections of an A.D.D. Pastor

[youtube=] Unlike Max, I was diagnosed with ADD as an adult. What does that mean? Long emails are a nightmare! Editing articles is impossible! And long meetings are the worst!!! Peers think I am bored or arrogant when I’m checking email in … Continue reading

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Christmas! It’s all about punctuation

It’s interesting the impact punctuation can have on a sentence. The following sentences include identical words but have completely different meanings: What an inconvenience! What? An inconvenience? I asked my friend Sher her thoughts on Christmas. Her insights on the … Continue reading

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In the Word – Because I Said So!

“Eat your peas. Clean your room. Wash your hands after going to the bathroom. Start saving for retirement now.” “Why?” “Because I said do.” Let’s be honest. We’ve turned into our parents and say what we promised ourselves we would … Continue reading

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Saying Goodbye – Where’s Pastor Mark

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