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Feelin’ Good!

Ok, my High School Youth Director Beth's last day is Sunday. My Communication Coordinator quit a few weeks ago, I just found out one of my weekly newsletter editors has to quit, I missed "The Office" tonight because of the … Continue reading

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Week Two – A Great Lasagna!

Ok, after following what I truly believe was a “God nudge,” I (aka the pastor) hesitated starting a small group with people from our church. Now, don’t get me wrong. I love the people in my church and I love … Continue reading

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Did Not See That Coming

I am on my way home from Lake Geneva. Just spent the last day at Lake Lawn Lodge at the Metro Chicago Synod’s Professional Leader’s Development Conference. Sounds pretty impressive, huh? I was able to meet with a bunch of … Continue reading

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Kids Friends, Our Friends

Our church is doing a whole fall sermon series called "It's a Generous Life" complete with small group study guides. Caryn and I have a NEW small group that kicks off Tuesday. And thanks to my lovely wife, we changed … Continue reading

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What a Great Weekend!

What a powerful Rally Day Weekend! The clouds scattered on Friday just in time for the Fall Festival to start! Hundreds of people came and ate some of the best darn chicken I have ever tasted. A record Rally Day … Continue reading

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Ok, something very strange happened today. I went to lunch with pastor tom and when i got back to me car to go to leave … I had a little problem getting into my car because it was covered in … Continue reading

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