Bill Well, travel day is rapidly approaching, and it seems that my customers do not want to cooperate with their network sales geek winding down the business week.  I am frantically trying to tie up the loose ends, so that I can focus on the more important calling of the African voices in need.  This trip is the culmination of a long-lasting passion for mission work and a bit of African studies over the past few years.  I am so encouraged by the excitement I hear in so many people’s words as we have talked about this endeavor.  I appreciate all of the prayers that you are lifting for Pastor Mark and me as well as our families (by the way, thanks again Tuula for letting me do this!)  There is so much need and we are called to comfort our neighbor when in need.  In Matthew 25:40 Jesus says, "The King will reply, ‘I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.’”  A major initiative of this journey is to seek God’s calling for OSLC and how we should respond to the need in Africa.  Please pray for discernment and wisdom as we look to prioritize the needs and OSLC’s ability to respond.  The Africa Mission Team has asked us to specifically look at the following areas:

  • Water needs (sanitary needs, water sources, irrigation etc.) and what the ADP (Area Development Project) we are visiting is lacking.
  • Educational Needs (especially for girls and women)
  • Basic needs within the community
  • Who is delivering (and how) the services? Churches (denominations), aid organizations etc.
  • What services are being delivered?
  • What seems to be the most effective?
  • Are there “hands on” projects that OSLC can do which would be of value?
  • What opportunities are there for the pre-school children to help?
  • What other opportunities are there for OSLC groups to help?
  • Keep an eye out for both short term and long term projects and identify risk
  • Seek opportunities for which OSLC is uniquely qualified to assist
  • When a child is sponsored, what does the $35 per month include
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